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Nalo offers a wide range of solutions and products to support businesses, religious institutions, governments and charities achieve their marketing and public service obligations.Our goal is to deliver to our clients niche and community, niche products and services.

IT operations

Digital operation is demanding agile IT

Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of moving data

Data planning

Becoming the Strategy Anchor for ICT

Customer Care

Nalo believes in a holistic approach to CEM.

Managed services

Changes are taking place in today’s telecom sector

Consulting services

Nalo help operators to achieve business growth

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Project Management


Software Development


Managed Service


Customer Service


Why People like us?

We stay true to our word, deliver what we promised in time and as planned and agreed together. Our promises are build on our long-term expertise, professionalism, experienced staff and the highest standards of service.

We are in the midst of a process revolution. At no time in our history have businesses been so prone to the speed of change. Technology today has changed the game plan and the field is becoming more level. Big businesses no longer have the advantage they previously had. New media has turned things on its head. But it’s also a consumer revolution – never have we had the ability to express ourselves so rapidly or as effectively as consumers.
Nalo Bulk SMS gateway's premium services are designed in this way that it will deliver all the transactional SMS in least time to the recipient with highest delivery within the shortest possible time.
Cheap means you’ve cut every corner possible with no regards to standards. It’s simply about the lowest price. And the quality of what you end up getting reflects this. A good deal, on the other hand, is when you get a high quality product for a great price and cool price.


Nalo seeks to meet the needs of all clients as we strive to exceed the expectations of each client's unique demand in the technology industry. Focusing on the key area of quality assurance which is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!

Our Core Values

Customer First, Openness and Initiative, Dedication,Inetgrity, Continuous Improvement and Team work.(CODICT)

We work with SPEED, ACCURACY, to produce POSITIVE RESULTS.

Nalo Solutions Limited is a service provider company specialized in M2M solutions. Our objective is to enable our clients become high-performance businesses by consistently delivering value with mobile solutions. Nalo solutions model is based on our ability to build the best mobile solutions for our customers. These solutions fundamentally represent the best combination between Expertise, Interaction efficiency and Cost effectiveness. Achieving this result, without compromise, is based on our capacity to deploy regional or local resource for any of our customers projects. Registered under the laws of the republic of Ghana as a limited liability company, Nalo was formed on the 29th day of March, 2011. We go beyond the ordinary, achieve the conceivable and better lives with technology.

Quote of The Week

" The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the DICTIONARY"

-Patience Delali Ametepey/ Staff

"Competition fuels innovation".

-Abraham Odoi/Staff

"It's not about how hard you work, it's about how smart you work."

-Samuel Bentil/Staff

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